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Sustaingas final event on 11 March 2015, in Brussels.

New online training module in six languages starting in October 2014. 

Guidelines for sustainable biogas production are now online!

Our latest newsletter can be found here.

Sustainable Biogas production: Handbook published! 

Strategies for sustainable biogas production are online !

Calculation tool for economy of biogas plants can be found here.


Join the conference "Impacts and achievements of IEE Bioenergy projects" on 22 May 2014, Brussels. More info, here!

Intelligent Energy – Europe

The project SUSTAINGAS is implemented within the framework of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme.


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Welcome to SUSTAINGAS!

Interested in biogas on your organic farm? Do you need independent information about integrating biogas production on your organic farm? Then you have found the right website. In the course of the project SUSTAINGAS you will find on this Website:

  • Addressing demands: Definition of sustainable organic biogas and the market for production
  • Economic Strategy: Tool for evaluating the economic interaction between biogas and organic food production
  • Sustainability Standards: Guidelines on standards for sustainable organic biogas production
  • Best Practice: Digital booklet with a selection of best cases
  • Handbook: State of the art of sustainable biogas production
  • Taking part: Offers for on-line trainings, webinars and workshops

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The project SUSTAINGAS is implemented within the framework of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme. It was conceived as a response to the need of increasing the market share of renewable energy in the European Union, to reach the target of 20% in the year 2020. SUSTAINGAS enhances sustainable biogas production in organic farming.